That week was excellent…so now it’s back to ITT. Actually, I started back yesterday.

So I walk into IT201 (Web Site Design) and no one is around. Class starts 20 minutes late. Then, to top it off, we’re learning Photoshop CS and Flash MX 2004.

That would have been great a year ago. I would have been happy in fact. But these programs are both a year old, and both have been updated. I just think it’s pretty stupid to learn shit that is already obsolete. I have CS2 on my laptop, and just doing the 1st lab there are a number of differences between the two programs. To boot, the prof has the weirdest sideburns you’ve ever seen…

Today I get to enjoy IT250 (Linux Operating System), which I’m actually kind of excited for. Hopefully the teacher doesn’t suck. Hopefully I’ll be able to ditch lab 1.5 hours early.

ITT sure is swell!