Eric and I finished moving (mostly) everything into our new apartment yesterday.

I have to say — it’s fucking awesome. I am just a little nervous, but I guess it’s normal. I’ll definitely have enough money to live comfortably, it’s just going to involve me actually budgeting my money…

Hah! Like - not drinking $8 worth of Red Bull in a day. Or wasting $20 bucks on the 99 or Cusatos (although, those fucking fried raviolis from Cusatos KICK ASS!!!).

Our rooms are more or less setup - but we have TONS of boxes still in our living room. In fact, calling it a ‘living room’ is laughable in itself… there isn’t room for shit right now, or space to live.

Well — ViaTalk in the AM (with a new deliciously shorter drive), followed by unpacking in the PM for probably the next week. More updates later.