First, I should mention I’m not actually working for Ticketmaster, although I am working in the same call center (and will eventually be working for TM). I’m selling camping reservations at a low low price instead.

The first 3 days were really lame. The 4th day wasn’t great, but somehow I’d gotten into the swing and it just didn’t completely suck.

So, we spent the majority of the week learning how to do shit on their computers. “This is how we cancel a reservation,” and then we’d make 5 reservations and cancel them all. We got to do “Scenarios.” They’re supposed to have complete information so you can properly make the reservation. Most of them were missing half of the data… it was pretty lame.

Today we did “mock calls” with the others in the class. Pretty easy cake ass shit.

“Thank you for calling the New York Reservation Center, my name is Josh, how may I help you today?”


“I’d be happy to help you with that today. Give me just one moment…

“Okay, and where would you like to stay?

“What date would you like to arrive?

“And what date would you like to depart?

“Did you have a particular site in mind?

“Are you looking for a cabin or a campsite?

“Give me a moment to pull that up on my system (I love the use of the word system throughout…)

“Okay, I have site number (insert number) available. It has blah blah, maximum number of people 6, maximum vehicle length XXft, 2 vehicles, and does/doesn’t allow pets.

“Can I book this site for you today?

“Can I get your telephone number, area code first.

“Okay, I do have you in the system, can I get you to verify you name and address please?”

Blahh blaahhhh, fockin blaahh.

Everyone should call Reserve America and hang up until you get me. I’ll probably be bored out of my mind…