If you remember a few weeks back, I had blogged about a program I am writing called Movierack. Well — it’s more or less complete now (although you can’t have the link unless you work with me, tough luck kids). I hate the layout, and there are still bugs, but all in all, it’s way better than an Apache directory listing.

If you remembered that, you’d also remember that it was meant to be my TechFest project at ITT. Well, that didn’t happen. At 7:20am, the day it was due, after having stayed up through the night working on shit, I took it upon myself to write the following query: DELETE FROM movies WHERE movie_id < = 410;

That should have been: DELETE FROM movies WHERE movie_id >= 410;

So… that got fixed, but not until it was way too late. Your lesson from that story is: Always SELECT before you DELETE, and mysqldump is your friend.

I have also nearly completed my projects for IT216 (Perl/CGI) and IT313 (Javascript). Perl - lets just say that I’m glad I have a working knowledge of the language, but I’m certainly not about to switch from PHP. As for JavaScript - I have always hated it. Only recently, with the advent of AJAX, have I begun to realize its power. The class itself - was tailored for 1997 style JS, that barely rendered in IE if you were lucky. Another $1500 waste of money class.

I’ll be working on a small logo for Mr Price. And Eric and I have decided to hit Asterisk head on in the coming weeks. Something XXX Classified is in the works. I’ve already said too much, if you’re reading, I’m afraid I have to kill you.

More updates to come kids.