I am alive after the first day.

Training itself, wasn’t too horrible - I guess… I’ve never worked anywhere that required any sort of strenuous training. Not that this was strenuous, just really long and boring.

I should first explain that I work in what looks like an old elementary school building. I say it’s likely an elementary school because of the low chalkboards. The ones in high school weren’t really that tall, but these ones started at your knee.

Anyhow, I walk in and see Slick Rick Macfee after years, which was kind of cool. Then, a woman proceeded to talk and talk (and talk) for an hour and a half about the company. I wouldn’t have cared, but she had no organization whatsoever. She was depending on a Powerpoint presentation, but somehow her computer “didn’t have access to the A:\ drive or D:" and the network admin wasn’t around.

Yeah… so blah blah blah… a girl who looks 16 walks in. She’s the ‘teacher’ of the training class. She continues on with the previous ranting for the rest of the day.

Did I leave the part about the high school like introductions/interviews and the name tags? “Interview your buddy, and then you have to stand up and tell the rest of us what you’ve learned about him”.

Blaahhhhhh!! At least we got to leave an hour early because the admin wasn’t around to give us passwords for the phones.

In short, it was an overwhelmingly exciting first day!