First, I can’t say how happy I am that Adobe has decided to continue developing Fireworks after the Macromedia merger. That was my biggest concern a year ago when I first heard the news.

CS3 has a few new feature which I’m sure I’ll enjoy, such as a Pages feature (to allow you to have different mockups, it’s supposed to save file size on the PNG if done correctly), and finally Sublayers. I’ve been wanting those for years.

They’ve also integrated the Photoshop styles palette as a new style you can add to a shape. I’m not a big fan of premade bevels (they just never look right), but the PS dropshadow tool is definitely nicer than that of FW.

Although it’s not quite a feature, Adobe has included several Styles that we’re never a part of the original FW styles. A few are very nice, but they’ve never been something I use much.

All in all, there are a few nice features added with this release, but it’s fundamentally the same as its predecessors (6-8).