I’ve been playing around with the Asterisk Manager lately (which is pretty damn cool, if you ask me). There doesn’t seem to be a list of all the commands available on voip-info right now, so I’m posting these here for my own reference.

These are the Manager commands available on Asterisk 1.4

AbsoluteTimeout: Set Absolute Timeout (Priv: call,all)
AgentCallbackLogin: Sets an agent as logged in by callback (Priv: agent,all)
AgentLogoff: Sets an agent as no longer logged in (Priv: agent,all)
Agents: Lists agents and their status (Priv: agent,all)
ChangeMonitor: Change monitoring filename of a channel (Priv: call,all)
Command: Execute Asterisk CLI Command (Priv: command,all)
DBGet: Get DB Entry (Priv: system,all)
DBPut: Put DB Entry (Priv: system,all)
Events: Control Event Flow (Priv: <none>)
ExtensionState: Check Extension Status (Priv: call,all)
Getvar: Gets a Channel Variable (Priv: call,all)
Hangup: Hangup Channel (Priv: call,all)
ListCommands: List available manager commands (Priv: <none>)
Logoff: Logoff Manager (Priv: <none>)
MailboxCount: Check Mailbox Message Count (Priv: call,all)
MailboxStatus: Check Mailbox (Priv: call,all)
MeetmeMute: Mute a Meetme user (Priv: call,all)
MeetmeUnmute: Unmute a Meetme user (Priv: call,all)
Monitor: Monitor a channel (Priv: call,all)
Originate: Originate Call (Priv: call,all)
Park: Park a channel (Priv: call,all)
ParkedCalls: List parked calls (Priv: <none>)
PauseMonitor: Pause monitoring of a channel (Priv: call,all)
Ping: Keepalive command (Priv: <none>)
PlayDTMF: Play DTMF signal on a specific channel. (Priv: call,all)
QueueAdd: Add interface to queue. (Priv: agent,all)
QueuePause: Makes a queue member temporarily unavailable (Priv: agent,all)
QueueRemove: Remove interface from queue. (Priv: agent,all)
Queues: Queues (Priv: <none>)
QueueStatus: Queue Status (Priv: <none>)
Redirect: Redirect (transfer) a call (Priv: call,all)
SetCDRUserField: Set the CDR UserField (Priv: call,all)
Setvar: Set Channel Variable (Priv: call,all)
SIPpeers: List SIP peers (text format) (Priv: system,all)
SIPshowpeer: Show SIP peer (text format) (Priv: system,all)
Status: Lists channel status (Priv: call,all)
StopMonitor: Stop monitoring a channel (Priv: call,all)
UnpauseMonitor: Unpause monitoring of a channel (Priv: call,all)
UserEvent: Send an arbitrary event (Priv: user,all)
WaitEvent: Wait for an event to occur (Priv: <none>)