The KDE text editor Kate is my latest weapon. Its great if you’re on a slower connection (or you’re torrenting and killing a faster one) as it downloads the file to your hard drive before you edit it. I love me some vim - but it is no fun on a slow connection, waiting 30 seconds to move between lines.

kio (K input/output) is the most amazing thing ever, namely fish. Its pretty much like mounting an SSH share, but it seems to be a lot faster. You can involke it on any server that supports SSH by simply browsing to fish://username@sever or you can go to a specific directory by adding the absolute path to the end of the string.

Using Dolpin’s split view, you have a file transfer program with a gui, similar to gFTP for GNOME or CuteFTP/Filezilla for Windows. You can even set permissions by right clicking the file and choosing properties.

Another tasty KDE morsel that pwns the GNOME…