Redmine has an awesome feature built in that lets you check an email account to import new tickets into your project.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see a clear way to do this without exposing your IMAP username/password to your cron.logs. I wrote a small script that reads the username/password/host from your config/email.yml file.

NOTE If you are using a different email account than the one in config/email.yml then you should create config/imap.yml and include that in this script. ** DO NOT ** add extra fields to config/email.yml or you’ll break things.

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

require 'yaml'

conf = YAML.load_file('/home/redmine/config/email.yml')["production"]["smtp_settings"]

opts = {
  'unknown_user'        => 'create',
  'port'                => '993',
  'host'                => conf["address"],
  'username'            => conf["user_name"],
  'password'            => conf["password"],
  'project'             => 'project_slug',
  'tracker'             => 'bug',
  'ssl'                 => '1',
  'no_permission_check' => '1'

args = {|key, val| "#{key}=#{val}" }.join(' ')

cmd = "cd /home/redmine && /usr/local/bin/rake redmine:email:receive_imap RAILS_ENV=production #{args}"