Over the last 10 months, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Titanium Mobile for a few different projects. I was immediately drawn to Titanium because projects are written in JavaScript (which I know) as opposed to Objective C or Java (which I don’t know). JavaScript is all well and good, but I still found myself missing things from jQuery, like $.each, $.map and friends.

While writing my first app, I found myself slowly adding helpers I needed. I created this extraction and added bits and pieces to it over a few more projects.

When I started work on DotBlock mobile, there was one last jQuery pattern I really wanted to use in Titanium, $(el).fn. Stuff like $(el).attr('height'). So, I set out to create something that worked similarly with Titanium objects.

Thus was born TiFighter. Here’s the login window right from DotBlock mobile (with a few extra comments added), which shows some of TiFighter’s usage (note that I’ve aliased $ to TiFighter outside of this script):

 * DotBlock Mobile
 * @package     DotBlock
 * @author      Joshua Priddle <jpriddle@nevercraft.net>
 * @copyright   Copyright (c) 2011, DotBlock, Inc
 * @version     1.0
 * @url         http://www.dotblock.com/


// Set specific margins for Android or iPhone
var margin_top = $.android() ? 30 : 15;

var username = Ti.UI.createTextField({
  width:              300,
  height:             $.android() ? 80 : 40,  // We need a different height for android
  top:                $.android() ? 100 : 80, // We need a different top for android
  borderStyle:        Ti.UI.INPUT_BORDERSTYLE_ROUNDED,
  hintText:           'Email',
  returnKeyType:      Ti.UI.RETURNKEY_NEXT,
  keyboardType:       Ti.UI.KEYBOARD_EMAIL

var password = Ti.UI.createTextField({
  width:              $(username).attr('width'),  // Make password the same width as username
  height:             $(username).attr('height'), // Make password the same height as username
  top:                $(username).attr('top') + $(username).attr('height') + margin_top, // Push password down under username
  borderStyle:        Ti.UI.INPUT_BORDERSTYLE_ROUNDED,
  passwordMask:       true,
  hintText:           'Password',
  returnKeyType:      Ti.UI.RETURNKEY_DONE

var login_button = Ti.UI.createButton({
  title:           'Login',
  top:             $(password).attr('top') + $(password).attr('height') + margin_top,
  height:          $(username).attr('height'),
  width:           $(username).attr('width'),
  font:            { fontSize: 16, fontWeight: 'bold' },
  backgroundColor: '#ffffff',
  borderRadius:    8,
  color:           '#000000'

// Add an event listener 'toggle-disabled' to login_button
// This is a wrapper for login_button.addEventListener
$(login_button).bind('toggle-disabled', function() {
  if ( ! login_button.disabled) {
    login_button.disabled = true;
    login_button.title = "Please wait...";
  } else {
    login_button.disabled = false;
    login_button.title = "Login";

// Add a click event to login button
// This is the same as login_button.addEventListener('click')
$(login_button).click(function() {
  password.focus(); // keep focused on password so the kb doesnt disappear
  var login = { username: username.value, password: password.value };
  if (login.username == "" || login.password == "") {
    $.alert("Please enter your email and password to continue.");
  if ( ! login_button.disabled) {
    // Fire login_button's toggle-disabled event,
    // this is the same as login_button.fireEvent('toggle-disabled')
      username: login.username,
      password: login.password,
      onload: function() {
        var response = JSON.parse(this.responseText);
        if (response.status == 200) {
        } else {
          $.alert("Invalid email/password, please try again!");
      onerror: function(e) {
        $.alert("Invalid email/password, please try again!");

// Bind the return event for username
// This is fired when the user hits "Next"
// on the keyboard while username is focused
$(username).bind('return', function() {
  password.focus(); // focus the password field

// Bind the return event for username
// This is fired when the user hits "Done"
// on the keyboard while password is focused
$(password).bind('return', function() {
  $(login_button).click(); // Click the login button for them
  password.focus(); // hack: focus on the password again so the keyboard doesnt disappear

// Add elements to the window

username.focus(); // Autofocus on the username field when the window opens

TiFighter has been an awesome time saver while working on DotBlock Mobile, and I’m sure it will prove useful in my Titanium apps as well. I hope it is useful to other developers as well.