A “poem” I wrote in late 2002 for creative writing — clearly 10 minutes before it was due — about being lazy.


When you are as lazy as me
You learn pretty quickly that
You need to negotiate your time.

Somethings can get put off until tomorrow.
Some of them better get done today,
But you’ll be lucky if they get finished this week.

When you’re so lazy you try to change channels with your foot,
People will be saying “Damn son, you lazy.”
Because it’s true.

But look at me now?
10 rapid writes behind.
And Slagle needs my notecards (from LAST week).

How is it that I’m 12th in the class?
I’m way to lazy to be smart
I should be an idiot.

Yeah, I can’t figure it out either.

And now that I’m a software developer I’m paid to be lazy efficient. If only that teacher could see me now 😀!

This post is definitely not me procrastinating writing one that requires real work.