I really need to do a proper project/post on my Obsidian setup, but I think I’ve finally reached planning nirvana.

The short version:

  • I have two scripts ical-buddy-json and ical-agenda which output my Calendar.app events to Markdown:
      ical-buddy-json -- 2022-02-07 | ical-agenda > notebook/agendas/W07.md
    • The Markdown output uses H6’s with sections for:
      • ###### Weekly Overview: Weekly agregates (meeting count/duration, holidays, PTO counts)
      • ###### 2022-02-07-overview: Daily agregates (meeting count, etc)
      • ###### 2022-02-07-agenda: A Markdown table of that day’s events, with the time between events explicitly listed
      • ###### 2022-02-07-standup: I keep my standup notes in a separate standup.md file, each day has a section like ## 2022-02-07 - Monday. My daily notes embed that file with the current day and previous work day’s notes
  • Obsidian Weekly notes embed:
    1. Weekly Overview from agenda
    2. Each Daily Note for Mon-Fri for that week
  • Obsidial Daily notes:
    1. Embed of Daily Agenda overview
    2. Embed of Daily Standup notes
    3. Embed of Daily Agenda table

I throw the weekly note in the right sidebar of Obsidian and I can quickly pull up my weekly agenda. I’ve mapped cmd-j to my daily note and ctrl-cmd-j to my weekly note.

I can also easily regenerate the agenda if a new meeting gets added to my calendar (or if one is canceled). I was previously writing the weekly note with my Markdown script and it was a pain if I had added content to it.

I’m really enjoying the embed setup as I can still quickly add content to the daily/weekly notes without too much extra stuff clogging them up.

As an aside, I’m still struggling with how much work I want to put into making this a proper project. Making it a full Rubygem seems overkill, and there would be a temptation to start pulling in dependencies. Maybe just something where people could brew install ruby itspriddle/brews/someproject 🤔