I replaced the stock switches and plate in my Keychron Q2.

For the switches, I saw Holy Panda X’s on sale on Drop. This is the first time I’ve bought custom switches. I am pretty sure I like them so far. The springiness is very noticeable. I didn’t expect this much of a difference on the 60g Holy Panda’s vs the 55g Gateron G Pro browns that come stock, but it’s night and day.

I also swapped out the stock steel plate for a polycarbonate one. Apparently it is bouncier? I’m not really sure how much of what I’m feeling is the plate vs the switches. It’s a pain in the ass to swap the plate (every switch needs to come off), so I’m probably putting it off for a while. I have a brass and FC4 one to try out someday, too.

Now to play around more with foam and tape mods 😀