I’ve had my eye on the Apple Studio Display for a while now. I finally picked one up today. First impressions…

The display itself is great and on par with iMac retina screens and the LG UltraFine 5K. There’s some slight light bleed in the corners when it is totally black that I don’t see on the 24” iMac screen.

The speakers are decent. I might give them a try for some calls at work this week.

The camera doesn’t seem great. I can definitely tell that the iMac camera is better when comparing them in Photo Booth. I ordered a new Mac mini M2 Pro, so this will end up being my main screen and camera. I’m sure it’s good enough for work calls.

I already wish I had the height adjustable version, though. My HiRise Pro works well enough to give it a few extra inchecs of height.

As for my computers, I think:

  • I’m going to migrate my iMac data to my MacBook Air. And try to sell the iMac now. I’ll use the MacBook Air as my primary computer for the next few weeks while I wait for my new Mac mini.
  • When the new mini arrives, pull my old LG 5K out from storage and use it with the new Studio Display.
  • See what Apple has up their sleeves for a new monitor this year. Either buy that, or buy a second Studio Display with the height adjustable stand.
  • Or, maybe decide one giant screen is enough and just stick with the Studio Display.