I threw together gh-prq, a GitHub CLI extension to create Pull Requests in your $EDITOR.

This was one of the few features from hub that I was still using. gh doesn’t yet have a way to compose a Pull Request with your $EDITOR, so I copied the ideas from hub and created gh prq.

Install it with:

gh extension install itspriddle/gh-prq

Use it:

cd project
$EDITOR                              # make some changes
git commit -am 'Add my cool changes' # and commit them
gh prq --push                        # open $EDITOR to create a PR

I setup a git alias, so git prq will push my branch upstream, copy the newly created PR URL to my clipboard, and open it in a web browser:

git config --add alias.prq '!gh prq --push --copy --open'

As an aside, I’ve been using GitHub Copilot lately and it helped with a few things in this script—namely the open browser and copy to clipboard functions. I’d say Copilot gets it right about 60% of the time. It does blow my mind every session or two when it magically prints something I wasn’t quite thinking about.