This article outlines some hidden functions you can get with the FN key on macOS.

  • Fn-A: Selects an item in the Dock, after which you can use the arrow keys to select different items and press Return to switch to the app
  • Fn-Shift-A: Opens Launchpad
  • Fn-C: Opens Control Center
  • Fn-D: Starts dictation (or set a modifier key to do this when you press it twice)
  • Fn-E: Open the emoji picker (same as choosing Edit > Emoji & Symbols)
  • Fn-F: Toggles full-screen mode
  • Fn-H: Hides current windows to reveal the desktop; a second press restores them
  • Fn-M: Selects the Apple menu, after which you can use the arrow keys to navigate menus and activate the selected command by pressing Return
  • Fn-N: Displays Notification Center
  • Fn-Q: Starts a new Quick Note in Notes
  • Fn-Delete: Forward delete on keyboards without a Forward Delete key (or use Control-D)
  • Fn-Return: Equivalent to the Enter key on the numeric keypad, which is slightly different than Return in certain contexts
  • Fn-Up Arrow: Scroll up one page (same as the Page Up key)
  • Fn-Down Arrow: Scroll down one page (same as the Page Down key)
  • Fn-Left Arrow: Scroll to the beginning of a document (same as the Home key)
  • Fn-Right Arrow: Scroll to the end of a document (same as the End key)

I wonder if there’s a way to trigger it from a QMK keyboard