Random thoughts on my first production project with Laravel…


  • The Http client is awesome, especially for testing
  • The high level concepts carry over from Rails, like MVC, routes, caching, queues
  • Facades are awesome
  • The type-hinting magic is really cool but it hasn’t clicked for me yet exactly how (and where) it works
  • Testing is a first class citizen. If you use what’s built in, like the Http client and not Guzzle, testing is super easy.
  • The whole frameworks seems designed around developer convenience. Ruby and Rails were all about this. We need more of it in PHP.


  • Default install doesn’t feel customizable. I probably just don’t know how…
    • How much bandwidth and disk space is wasted by stuff like sail being included for people who aren’t using Docker?
  • It’s still very confusing to choose where to put different classes
  • .env vs .env.{development,production} is confusing. I feel like I should be setting APP_ENV=development or APP_ENV=production with my shell and the webserver, but I can’t find anyone recommending that.
  • Vite and Mix seem so complex compared to the old Rails 3-5 asset pipeline.
  • The documentation is great in some spots and very “rest of the owl” in others. What’s the right way to make a package for Laravel? Why did I have to stumble on orchestra/testbench on my own?


  • It’s kind of weird how commercialized laravel.com is. It feels kind of like a trap for devs to toy with free plans and then need the bosses credit card at work. I’m sure Envoyer is great, but come on now, subscriptions to deploy?!

I definitely am enjoying Laravel, but it does make me miss using Rails a little. I hope I get to be hands on with Laravel more in the future.