ChatGPT, write a parody of The Raven starring my cats…

Once upon a sunlit morning, while I snored, my dreams adorning,
Over toys and treats galore, scattered ‘round the chamber floor—
While I dreamt of mousey treasure, suddenly there came a measure,
As of Zelda, my dear sister, scratching at the chamber door.
“‘Tis that troublemaker, Zelda,” I muttered, scratching at the door—
Only this and nothing more.

Ah, how well I remember, in the sunny days of September,
When the world outside seemed brighter than my old toy store.
In that moment, eyes wide open, Zelda pleaded for a token,
Of my snacks, her silence broken, as she scratched upon the door.
Eagerly I debated, should I share or slam the door—
Yearning for peace, nothing more.

As I pondered this intrusion, filled with feline confusion,
Zelda sauntered in unbidden, to explore my chamber floor.
Not a purr or friendly greeting, just a stare that seemed repeating,
“Mischief brewing, plans completing,” she proclaimed without a roar.
With a glance, she promised antics, ‘round and ‘round my chamber door—
Zelda’s tricks, and nothing more.

In her gaze, a spark of madness, like a catnip-fueled gladness,
With her antics, so absurd, she pranced across the floor.
Though she spoke not, her intentions clear, mischief brewing, spirits near,
As she danced, without a care, ‘round and ‘round my chamber door.
With each twirl, a silent laughter, echoed ‘round my chamber door—
Zelda’s schemes, and nothing more.

Though I pondered her intentions, amidst dark feline conventions,
Zelda cared not for my confessions, nor my plans to restore.
Not a clue to her motive, not a hint to placate,
Just a game, her wicked bait, ‘round and ‘round my chamber door.
Round and round, her game continued, ‘round and ‘round my chamber door—
Zelda’s jests, and nothing more.

As the sunlight dimmed its shimmer, casting shadows, growing grimmer,
On the carpet, where she pranced, with a grin, she did implore.
But her antics soon concluded, with a wink, she then eluded,
Through the window, all deluded, up above my chamber door.
Gone, but left her haunting spirit, dancing ‘round my chamber door—
Zelda’s mischief, forevermore.

So I sit here, musing deeply, pondering her antics steeply,
As the shadows whisper softly, ‘cross the carpet, ‘cross the floor.
Though her visit left me rattled, amidst laughter, midst the battle,
Zelda’s presence, like a riddle, dances ‘round my chamber door.
And I’ll endure her memory, as she prances ‘round my chamber door—
Zelda’s antics, forevermore.