Well, I’ve just finished building my first site with CodeIgniter, and I have to say it was an absolute blast. The framework is wonderfull. Using it, I was able to completely redesign Inglenook Realty in about 3 weeks with leaner, more sensible code than I had implemented previously. Granted, there is about twice as much code now as there was previously, but everything works perfectly now - and I won’t need to scrap the whole thing again if the owners want more revisions down the road. Thank you CI!

I also got around to finishing up a small PHP script I had written called dyndnsCron. This script can be installed as a cronjob and it will update your IP address with DynDNS if it changes. It will also automatically make “fake” changes to your account once a month to make sure it isn’t deleted for inactivity. [Those of us with free DynDNS accounts know all about that…]

If I don’t make it back here before 08 - happy new year!