New keyboard

I bought a sexual new keyboard today for the lapper at work. I really have no reason to update this other than the fact I’m just trying to see how comfortable is it when I’m typing.

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Grrr ITT

So much work left to do. I have to work out the topology of a 90 host network and then do a shit load of math. Oh, I should learn to subnet too.

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MxO One More Time

So me and Mr. Iversen recently started playing the Matrix Online again. There have been a couple new combat revisions that have made the game much more enjoyable than it was in the past.

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Ninety-nine is always fine

There really was some kick ass music at the end of the 90s. Snot of course, but currently I’m re-addicted to Staind’s first CD Dysfunction. Mike Mushok kicks major ass. And the singer doesn’t suck too much on this CD… it’s a great time.

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I win the spirit award!

Haha, I answered 2 out of 24 questions correctly on Mr Iversen’s Academy Awards test. That shit was like homework, let’s do a music test next time huh?

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