A solution for git repos and iCloud?

If you’re tried keeping a git repo in an iCloud (or Dropbox) folder before, you know it works fine — until it doesn’t. Something inevitably happens one day while one of your devices is syncing, and your repo is corrupted, such that a bunch of your files look like they’ve been changed. A workaround I’ve been playing with is custom $GIT_DIR set via direnv. Here’s how I set it up.

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You can’t parse HTML with regex

This now infamous post on Stack Overflow — You can’t parse HTML with regex — is one of my favorites. I think every dev has tried it at least three times: first time you do something simple and it Just Works™; second time you try something advanced and manage to figure out most of the edge cases so it Mostly Works™; final time is such a nightmare you wish you’d chosen to build Things Out of Wood™ instead of code.

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