Hacking Wordpress

It’s been a great time stripping WordPress for use as a CMS. The software itself is awesome, it’s really been just commenting things out here and there that might be confusing for people. I am looking for a plugin that makes better use of WP pages and RSS feeds.

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If you remember a few weeks back, I had blogged about a program I am writing called Movierack. Well — it’s more or less complete now (although you can’t have the link unless you work with me, tough luck kids). I hate the layout, and there are still bugs, but all in all, it’s way better than an Apache directory listing.

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Asterisk Goodness

So with the help of a friend at work, I successfully made my first incoming and outgoing calls with Asterisk this weekend. I haven’t gotten all of the kinks worked out yet, but it’s definitely been a good time.

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