Calling Dell Support

Earlier today, I noticed the A/C adapter for my laptop seemed to be broken. It took a few minutes to realize that there was a kink in the wiring under the shielding. If I moved that around just a bit, it would work properly. “That sucks,” I thought. “At least I have the warranty and it should be a quick phone call to get a new one out.” Wrong.

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Vim 7 on a Shared Host

I did this about 8 months ago and never wrote down my steps. I just had to figure it out again for another server, and thought I’d write it down here to save myself (and possibly someone else) time.

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I love/hate KDE

I haven’t been much of a KDE fan. 2 years ago when I was first exposed to Linux in my Operating Systems class at ITT, I liked the layout a bit better that Gnome, but really knew nothing about it.

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